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CMSimple Basket - a shop plugin for CMSimple developed by 3KINGS.DK (c) 2008. The author can not be held responsible for any damage caused by using this fragment Support can be obtained through services provided by 3kings.

Version history

  • 0.1 beta - English documentation and Danish output from the php script

Files and description

  • admin.php - Administration page for creation of items, invoice management etc.
  • index.php - Plugin code for all user driven interaction (shop basket, etc.)
  • ewire.html - Template for payments via ewire
  • bank.html - Template for payments via bank transfer
  • track.html - Template for tracking filled orders, e.g. for adsense and the likes
  • quickpay.html - Template for payments via quickpay (credit cards, etc)
  • qp_callback.php - Quick pay integration code


Install as any other CMSimple plugin using the plugin manager. See the web page for detailed instructions. (Install into plugins/basket/ on your cmsimple site).

In addition you must change the setup in mysqlconnect.php to match your mysql settings and create the following table:
`id` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
`data` text,
`state` int(11) default '0',
`ts` datetime default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
`betalermail` varchar(255) default NULL,
`paytype` varchar(32) default NULL,
`auto_mail` tinyint(4) default '0',

Also make sure that there is a folder plugins/basket/content/ which is writable (e.g. chmod 777).

Using the basket

CMSimple Basket is not like any other shop systems you may have encountered. It does not provide means of listing items, grouping items, etc. This is both a strength and a weakness :-) On the positive side you are able to share the same item between a multitude of groups and link between items as you please. On the down side you may find your self in an administrative over load if you have too many items to display in the store.

Once installed you must create a page on your site to display the shopping basket. Try this code for starters:

#CMSimple $output .= basket();#

This creates a page that holds the shopping basket. Save the page and remeber the URL for this page. You will need it for adding
items to your web page / shop page. E.g. the above link could be

Items are added and removed using the functionality on the admin pages. To amend an item simply overwrite it. From the admin pages
you are able to assign an item number, some descriptional text (will be shown in the checkout page and invoices) and a price.

Once created from the admin page you should add a page for the item (or atleast put a link somewhere in your web page).

The above link tells the system to display the Checkout page, add 5 pieces of the item with number I321 to the basket.

If you intend to sell recurring items you should use the last parameter, e.g. a recurring order for 5 pieces of item I321 could
be linked as follows:

Integration options

The CMSimpmle Basket has been integrated with services from and for electronic payments. Quick pay must be configured to
make the necessary callbacks to the qp_callback.php script. See the source file for additional comments. In addition the index.php must be updated
with PBS and quickpay information (e.g. merchant id, etc.)


This product comes with out any form of support, warranty or legal guarantees. Use at own risk. Help with installation and integration can be bought
trough services from 3kings - see


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